The Crag Dwellers

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The land is Mora. She shaped the Dwarves out of the rock and the clay and knows all that is under the mountains. Her suitor is Aulen. He breathed life into the Dwarves and together they watched and guided their new people. Over time Mora and Aulen grew close and they had children.

First was Thea (Thee-ah) who shared her knowledge of living things to help the Dwarves grow ever more food and to heal their sick. Second was Modii, who took after his father's fierce protection of his people and who rallied many Dwarf warriors against their enemies. Over time Modii and Thea had two children, Mwelf and Naer, rival gods who quarrel endlessly about whether Mwelf's miners or Naer's master artisans are more noble. As time passed and the Dwarf people grew in power and learned new ways to use the land of their birth Mora and Aulen had a third child, Quarg, who proved a quick study in ledgers, trade, and negotiations. He seems to care only for his work and guides the efforts of the growing Dwarf financial industry.

Dwarves need many gods. They are practical thinkers but follow and expect hierarchy. This land has many kinds comfortable with the deep and the dark but it was brought to order by Dwarves first, and it is their pantheon that found the broadest support. A few popular gods from neighbor races have over time been adopted into today's larger pantheon but where themes overlapped the Dwarven gods won out. An example is luck. Dwarves have no god for luck, but Gnomes do. His name is Norm. This god is not well respected by some of the higher status gods but is popular with worshipers and so has a seat at the Great Hall. Another popular gnomish God is the God of inspiration, Chuck.

Darrowdelf is their oldest mine and serves now as the capitol. It is still productive as a mine but it's main business is in governance and as a sprawling underground city which welcomes commerce from all races. The major banking institutions started here and so Darrowdelf is analogous to New York City in this and other ways.

The Crag Dwellers

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