The Shattered Spectrum: Fragments

Session 6

Session 6

Current Party: Charlie, Ethan, Gaiel, Melfiso, Orkzim, Tess

Clia, Antioch, Rumpf


            After narrowly escaping the Arioch stampede Tess finds herself separated from the party and has discovered a large cat like creature that has camouflaged itself quite effectively. She readies a spell however the beast doesn’t seem to be interested in the party as it grabs one of the dead Arioch’s and drags it away.

            The party regains its composure and rests for a bit before packing up their camp and continuing on their journey to the Conflux, without the use of their beetle mounts as they ran off during the stampede.

            They reach the conflux and set off on their tasks. Gaiel and Orkzim head to the river that is flowing through the conflux. Gaiel discovers that the water has healing properties. Upon entering the water Orkzim’s corruption begins to flow into the water and a large black feathered mass began to form.

            Tess, Ethan, and Charlie encounter a strange looking butterfly that has an elf head attached to its body. He tells them to not take anything they did not bring with them. When Ethan tells him that all they wish to do is grow the seeds the butterfly man leads them to the perfect spot.

            While Ethan and Charlie plant the seeds Tess wanders off to be alone for a moment. She realizes that she is in a place of great power, and that power may be what she needs in order to recover her lost memory. She takes out a yellow feather, which had been given to her after a vision, and prayed and focused. Slowly her lost memories began to trickle back into her mind. As she remembered her husband, daughter, and the rest of her family and life before Aiephoria she breaks down into tears.

            Ethan and Charlie head to the river to retrieve some of the water for the seeds they just planted. They see the large black mass that is forming but return to their task at hand seeing as if they don’t get the Nander Root this whole trip would be wasted. After water the seeds Ethan begins the cast his druidcraft spell to speed up the rate that the seeds will grow. He is the first to learn that casting magic within the conflux is risky. He finds that his conscious binds with the seeds and he falls out of the normal flow of time. It appears to Charlie as if six seconds pass, but to Ethan three months pass.

            During his three month vigil, watching yams grow, Ethan attempts to commune with The World Tree, and his spark. He is able to discern that his staff is a shard of a world or entity. He fights off insanity and his staff whispers,

            “Summeris? Is that you?”

            Ethan is able to resist insanity and successfully grows the Nander Root.


            Gail shows up and tells them what has happened at the river, and Tess returns to Charlie and Ethan to help them gather up the root, and she appears to be distraught and an emotional wreck. With the Nander root gathered they join the rest of the party who find themselves under attack.

            The large black mass in the river has been releasing large raven like creatures that have taken flight. Gaiel launches a conflux super powered lightning bolt and greatly reduces the raven numbers as well as causing damage to the mass. A miasma cloud engulfs a large number of the party as humanoid looking black droplets begin to form.

            Tess, not yet knowing that her magic will be affected by the conflux, begins casting spells. Her first spell ends up with her inadvertently summoning a large eagle, a blessing from Orin, that stands by her to fight. However when she attempts to summon her spectral scythe the spell goes awry and she fills the battlefield with unintelligent scythes that begin whirling around hitting everything in their path. She attempts to protect herself with another spell, but instead causes herself to become a magnet for the dark entities. Using her eagle she is able to attract all of the Darklings to her with some relative safety. Ethan, against his better judgement, casts a Moonbeam spell which appears to have its desired effect, however it begins to grow exponentially, quickly filling the entire conflux and trapping the party within its effect.

            During this battle the dragon spirit within Gaiel casts a spell that forces it from her body and then it presses itself into the body of Dhat-Badan (the butterfly thing) and then begins wrestling for control. The dragon manages to gain control and cast a dispel on the moonbeam to save the party from destruction.

            In an attempt to rid herself of her errant spell that was attracting the Darklings, Tess attempted to use her Silence spell to create a small area around her that will cancel the effects of her spell, however the spell went wrong and she ended up silencing herself for three days.

            During the mayhem of the wild magic the party became separated with Tess, Charlie, and Ethan running toward the nearest exit of the conflux, and manages to escape. Everyone else running the other way. After the moonbeam faded they turned toward the path that the others had taken. The Dragon Spirit dispelled the magic on Gaiel’s body and then re-enter her body. Dhat-Badan, once again in control of its body, sealed off the conflux trapping everyone except Tess, Ethan, and Charlie in the conflux.


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