The Shattered Spectrum: Fragments

Session 4: A New Ally.... and jail

Session 4

Current Party: Charlotte, Ethan, Gaiel, Orkzim, Tess


                        Captain Keith Norton and 9 Soldiers

                        Professor Rumpf and 5 Students


            The battle with the Giant Spider was easily handled by a some-what coordinated attack (and ninja climbing skills). The spider was unable to land a single blow against the party members. In the aftermath of the conflict the party discovered that they were being followed and turned to confront the potential new threat. A young Dogo monk from the Dogo Village stepped forward and introduced himself as Melfiso. Clia quickly put the party at ease by ensure them that he knew him and that he was safe.

            He brought news that the Dogo Village had been attacked by a large tentacle monster that came through the Way Gate, everyone had been killed. Melfiso told the party that he blamed them for this attack. After talking to Clia (gaining some insight on the party members) he decides to join them on their journey. As the party tell him about The Ways they mentioned Dayton. Melfiso is immediately interested and tells them that the black tentacle monster appeared to have a humanoid at its core and muttered the name “Dayton.” Not quite sure what to do with this information the party decides to continue forward as they are not prepared to fight it.

            Before the party sets out Gaiel manages to find the spider’s nest and collects several spider eggs, a book (which turns out to be the journal of a seeker), a short sword with a faint enchantment (Charlotte), and some gold (Tess).

            The party travels for a couple more days before arriving at a small trading village. The party is hoping to gather useful information and maybe even get a short respite from their trek up the World Tree. It becomes immediately apparent that Orkzim is attracting a lot of negative attention due to the current political situation involving the dwarves. Tess searches for armor and weapons from the local blacksmith and comes up empty handed, while Gaiel searches out the person who was named in the journal she found. She warns him that he was being hunted by the Seekers and the fact that they had made it so close was probably a sign that they knew where he was. After she takes care of that she asks him if he has any form of “love potion,” which he eventually provides something that may work for her. Gaiel then visits the apothecary seeking to offload her spider eggs which fetch a nice price.

            Meanwhile back at the tavern the rest of the party is trying to enjoy themselves when a woman approaches them. She is acting strange and the party isn’t in the mood for her. After some prodding she reveals that her name is Tabitha Jilladrea and she has set up a test for the them to see if they are worthy to serve “The Dark Lord.” She continues by claiming that she has poisoned the water and food in the village and that the children, sick, and elderly will begin dying off rather soon, but the healthy should survive long enough for the party to save them. She instructs them to travel a week’s time to retrieve a root that can be used to synthesize an antidote. Gaiel returns to the apothecary to see if they have any of the root they need for the antidote, only to be informed that someone just bought all of it and they wouldn’t be able to restock for a couple of weeks.

Tess flat out refuses to undertake this “quest” and goes out in search the source of her poison. She discovers some sort of crystal within the well and has a good idea that it is the source. She returns to the tavern to get some help, and finds that other party members trying to get Tabitha drunk. Orkzim volunteers to be lowered down into the well to retrieve the crystal. When Orkzim reaches the crystal, he is wracked by pain and then the crystal disappears. Tess and Melfiso pull him out of the well only to find that the corruption has overtaken Orkzim. He attacks them and manages to wound Tess before they strike him down, unconscious. Melfiso suggests killing him there on the spot as they do not know how to cleanse the corruption. For a moment Tess considers it before remembering that the corruption can be resisted. The fight attracted the attention of the town guard, led by Captain Anders. He insists that they are confined and questioned. Tess realizes her best chance of saving lives in the village will be to get those in authority on her side, she agrees to go peacefully so long as there are no chains placed on her, Anders agrees and they all go to the jail.


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