The Shattered Spectrum: Fragments

Session 3

Session 3

Current Party: Charlotte, Ethan, Gaiel, Orkzim, Tess

                        Captain Keith Norton and 9 Soldiers

                        Professor Rumpf and 5 Students


The party was led to the elder of the Dogo village by a young half-elf by the name of Clia, which proved difficult for the party to pronounce so they took to calling him Clay. He told them they very deep down in the base of The World Tree. Ethan and Clia talked about how a special druid craft known as Treesong is used to either harvest or shape trees without harming the tree.

            Clia lead the party to the elder of the Dogo who told them his elven name was too difficult of pronounce for the non-elven speaking of the world, as he was over 700 years old and as part of their tradition was to adopt more pieces to their name every century. Instead he gave them his human name, Edmond. He told the party that he had been guarding the Way Gate (the Door leading into The Ways) for over 500 years and that they were the first things to come through it.

            Charlie asked him if he had ever heard about The Cult of the Black Eye, and he told her that the Dogo were sworn enemies of the Cult and in fact that is who they were primarily guarding the gates from.

            Edmond and Ethan both confirmed that the nearest civilization was about three weeks travel from their current location. Edmond offered Clia’s services as a guide through the The World Tree and back to the surface. He also provides them with an introduction letter that should assist them should they need to connect with any of the other Dogo throughout the world.

            The next morning the entire party prepped to for the journey. They decided to head for Ethan’s home of Ethril. Clia informed them of the various dangers that they might face on their ascent to the surface. Tess became acquainted with Captain Norton who is leading the soldiers and form a sort of a professional relationship, he respects the training and expertise that Tess has gained from her time with the Knighthood.

            While on the road Clia and soldiers have disagreements over the way they are traveling. Clia seems to have difficulty understanding the soldiers and adding to it is somewhat social awkwardness there are quite a few misunderstands between them. During one such disagreement Tess notices that things have become quite heated and pulls Clia aside to figure out what is going on. He informs her that they have entered Dryad territory and the soldiers have been talking about wanting to copulate with the Dryads, this of course offends Clia. He informs Tess that Dryads are feminine tree spirits who lure men away and kill them. Tess and Captain Norton keep the soldiers in line while the Dryads do their best to tempt the men into straying. The group makes it through Dryad territory without losses.

            The party is attacked by a group of seven Cockatrice. The soldiers successfully form a defensive perimeter around the non-combatant students and repel several attacks from the creatures. One of the soldiers, Robert, is turned to stone by the creatures. Ethan, Orkzim, and Clia take to the front lines in order deal with the threat. Ethan and Orkzim are petrified during the conflict. Tess and Gaiel use their spells to harry the creatures from the safety of the soldier wall, while Charlie ducks and dodges her way into favorable striking positions and is able to work with a small group of the soldiers to dispatch a couple of the creatures. Clia sustains several blows and falls unconscious, Tess, working with a defensive line dispatches a couple of the beasts, leaves the line and enters the fray directly. She heals Clia and then begins pounding the creatures with her mace. Charlie unleashes several spells herself from the backlines as a couple of Cockatrice attempt to attack the side of the column. Tess is able to land to final blow to the final beast. To Tess’ relief Clia informs her that the petrification only lasts 24 hours.

            After the battle Gaiel, Charlie, and four soldiers are able to locate the Cockatrice nest and plunder it. Tess talks to Capt. Norton and they take a quick inventory and realize that once the petrification wears off they have escaped the battle without taking any losses. Tess feels good about this fact and is pulled out of her self-loathing (she feels responsible for the losses in The Ways). The group waits for the petrification to wear off and then they continue on their way. They eventually reach the base of The World Tree and Clia warns there will be larger and more dangerous creatures now.

            The party comes across a cave that leads to the stairs that they need to climb, however their way is blocked by thick vines which try to grab them whenever they get close. Through some investigation they learn that they detect movement.

            While Tess is investigating the vines for a way through she is suddenly wrenched into the air by a web like rope. Upon looking up the group sees a giant spider…


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