The Shattered Spectrum: Fragments

Memories of a lonely Monk

As I sit to meditate and make my tea I reflect on the journey behind. My first steps into becoming a monk of the four winds. I began with the passive wind thinking that this would be my only path. But then I took a life, anger set in. And I found myself going through and surrounded by the aggressive wind. I took many lives and even had to return a gift to sage because I felt unworthy. And frankly I have been that way for a while. But then I no longer feared myself or my ki. During our trip to the land of the Blue I found myself being able to see things within myself I never knew existed. Emotions I had never expected to have. It became a time to leave the strong winds of aggression. And seek out to transition to the wind of understanding. To understand, one must observe. Quieting the mind, putting thoughts into perspective. Seeking the smallest needs of those around. But the wind, the path of understanding is something that requires a still mind and a calming ki. I am sure my friends think I have lost it by constantly making tea and drinking tea. But it is when my mind, body and ki are at peace and can absorb all things around. It is how I make the tea and drink the tea that brings it to unity. The tea leaves reminds the senses of the stillness of the spirit of the trees. The water represents the flow of ki that is our essence. Then I use all of these things to gently heat the water and leaves just to my liking. This control of ki is what allows me see the things around and within me. Including the flow of ki. Charisma’s light especially shines, but is trapped like water held by a dam. I must say during our encounter I did manage to see that ki began to crack through. Ashford’s anger was quieted by empathy. As Tavoks pride by humility. Wisdom is really causing Tavok to shape into the humble and great King I know he will become. And Ashford’s anger is silenced not by vengeance but by empathy and love. Braith didn’t try to steal. She was instead heroic and selfless. I feel I stand to learn a lot from the two men whose primary position is to observe. Hawgr the fearless and Summaris the ever adaptive.


benschmitz benschmitz

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