The Shattered Spectrum: Fragments

Dungeon Journal
Session 2

The party rests for the night and gets an early start on the day. After some discussion, the party decides the aid the colleges in their expedition through the Mysterious Door. They agree that they should do this for free however and Charlie, Ethan, and Orkzim speak with Professor Rumpf to negotiate a deal to lead her team and help them. When they arrive, they meet a mage called Dayton who is from The Gilded, the party does their best to avoid him. Their negotiations are able to secure a promissory note for 125 gold pieces and 5 platinum rings. At the same time Tess and Gaiel talk to Professor Thornton however he is in no mood to negotiate and Tess is in no mood to deal with him and walks away.

            The party decides to speak with the overseer of the dig site. After her encounter with Prof. Thornton, Tess wants to talk to the person who is “in charge” to see what sort of compensation the group can get for this mission. They once again encounter Dayton in passing. The Overseer, David, informs the party that should they be successful each member would be granted an Imperial Audience.

            Tess discusses her previous experience inside of the door with the team leaders and the group decides that they will need to be shrouded within a Silence spell for the duration of the journey to prevent the mental assault. The group fashions some makeshift earplugs. Once everyone is assembled and prepared Tess approaches the door and pushes it open. While she is opening the door black miasma drips from her arm, as soon as the door opens the party leaders cast their Silence scrolls and they all begin to traverse the path inside.




The Ways

The lead group is led by Dayton and is comprised of a contingent of soldiers, the second group is led by Prof. Rumpf and is comprised of her fellow professors, students, and the party. The third group is led by Prof. Thornton and is comprised of the Timbook’s team. Each group is keeping up their own Silence spells.

As the group travels the Silence spells end and in the seconds during their recasting some of the members of the group begin to walk off the edge into the infinite abyss. Gaiel does her best to save as many as she can.

Tess feels the presence within her probing and whispering to her trying to persuade her to kill everyone present. To focus her mind and resist the voices she prays to Orin and her prayer is unheard, in fact she begins to have a crisis of faith.

With the Silence scrolls running low Tess ushers Rumpf to move faster in attempt to join their group with Dayton’s group to double their Silence time. One of the students begins to fall behind and Tess grabs him at first to try to keep in him the sphere of influence of the Silence spell. This effort fails and both the student and Tess fall outside of the Silence, and the mental assault ensues. Tess momentarily thinks about throwing the student over the edge but is able to resist and usher him into the spell once again. For some reason (probably the corruption) she isn’t quite as bothered by the whispering.

Charlotte looks back and notices that Thornton’s group has fallen out of view and no one in the party or group knows what happened.

With scrolls running low, the group happens upon a crossroads that branches off in three directions. The group decides on taking the left path which leads them to what appears to be a ruined castle. The gates open and a man greets them and ushers them inside. He introduces himself as O’Kenna.

O’Kenna tells the party that he is the last survivor from a world that is no longer in existence. The tells them that the place in which they currently travel is known as The Ways, a place in which there is no passage of time, a space that is in between, and it is located within the core of their world. He warns them of the coming of a great evil, The Finger, a legion of undeath that is being led by a dark god that seeks to take life on an unimaginable scale, and that the countries, spectrums, of the world need to be unified to have any hope of stopping it. Charlie questions whether The Cult of the Black Eye might have something to do with this group, O’Kenna isn’t sure but believes it could be likely.

The party asks him about Theophrastis and he tells them about him and how is was previously contained within an anti-magic field within the ring he possesses. He suggests that the party avoid him if possible.

O’Kenna can sense the presence of the tainted miasma within Tess and performs a ritual to draw it out of her. With the miasma removed Tess feels weakened, but her mind is clear and she can think clearly and returns to normal. O’Kenna shares the details of how and why he learned how to remove the miasma from people.

After reminding the party of the urgency of their new task he imparts the party, Rumpf, and Dayton with The Spark, a power which they do not understand. Dayton, ignoring warnings from O’Kenna, teleports away from the group.

O’Kenna tells the group that they must commune with all the gods of their world and convince them to gather the threads of the world before the dark lord can. He bestows upon the party with a few magical items and then leads them to a door which will take them to The Keeper of World Tree. The group proceeds through the door and are met by The Dogo, the guardians of the door, who escort the party to their leaders.

Tess' Adventure Log - First Session

Shattered Spectrum: Fragments

Dungeon Journal



Charlotte “Charlie” – Human Rogue with some arcane abilities

Ethan – Half-Elf Druid

Gaiel – Half-Elf Sorceress

Orkzim – Dwarf Paladin of Korg

Tessila “Tess” – Half-Elf Cleric, Primo of The Knighthood of Aiephoria




Continent of Agora

The Grand Imperium

                        Azuldan – A town with a population of approx. 100k

                                    The Chittering Rats Tavern (formerly The Slumbering Dragon)

                        Caerdan – City

                        Kyandan – City

                        The Ancient Ruins Dig site

                                    Mysterious Black Door

                                                A Jet black 7-foot door on a stone monolith. The door is covered with symbols.



Non-Player Characters


Filigree – Small Black/Silver Dragonkin

            First met: The Chittering Rats Tavern, he provided the party information

Marv – An old man, soothsayer or seer

            The party encountered this man after Filigree told us that he could help us get out of the city. During the process of scrying he began emitting dark smoke of ichor and then went crazy and attacked. He was incapacitated and then stabilized.

Curtis – Azuldan Town Guard

            The party bribed him and his men (75gp) after the encounter with Tandor to have them leave us alone.

Stanton “Stan” – Student of Northrum College

Studying under Professor Rumpf at the ancient dig site, described as flatulent, frequently late, and interested in Clockwork Golems.

Professor Rumpf – Gnome. Northrum College.

Leading the excavation of the ancient dig site.

Professor Thornton – Gnome. “Timbooks” a rival school of Northrum.

Leading the excavation of the ancient dig site.

Theo Frastis – (Possible Enemy)

Possesses a ring which seems to allow the possession of other beings. Mentioned the names; Charisma, and O’Kenna.

            “I have done my part, O’Kenna needs to do his part.”

            Potentially possessing Charlotte


Heard About

Remhard- Skypirate

            Retired military, used to work on airships



Tandor – Seeker of The Gilded (At large)

            Encountered by Tess and Gaiel, possibly killed Derrick (Tess’ mentor/friend)

            Last Encountered: The Chittering Rats Tavern, Azuldan




The Knighthood of Aiephoria

            The mercenary force of the kingdom of Aiephoria, mandatory service is required by all citizens. Tess is a cleric in service of the Knighthood.

The Seekers

            A branch of the Gilded that hunts down rogue sorcerer’s to either bring them to the Gilded or eliminate them.

The Cult of the Black Eye

            A group that is reportedly attacking clerics and paladins of all religious orders.

Keepers of the World Tree

            The party doesn’t have a ton information on them, Ethan probably knows the most.       

Northrum College

            They are currently excavating at the ancient dig site and studying the mysterious door. The team is led by Professor Rumpf.

Timbooks College (I don’t remember if this is the real name)

            They are currently excavating at the ancient dig site and studying the mysterious door. The team is led by Professor Thornton.






Agora – The Grand Imperium – Azuldan- The Chittering Rats Tavern

            The party have all found their separate ways to The Chittering Rats tavern in the town of Azuldan within The Grand Imperium. Ethan and Charlotte are met by the dwarf Orkzim who joins them for drinks. A small dragon called Filigree slinks up to Ethan, Charlotte, and Orkzim and begins asking for drinks. The barkeep nervously approaches them and begin apologizing for Filigree. The party assures the barkeep that Filigree isn’t a bother and the group is rather enjoying his company.

            In between drinks, Filigree tells the group some information about the current situation of the conflict between The Grand Imperium and the Free People (Rebels), and that his kind are in danger of xenophobic extermination. He provides the group with information about a group known as the Cult of the Black Eye, who have been attacking anyone associated with religion (mainly clerics and paladins). This catches the ear of Tess who is seated nearby with Gaiel, who introduce themselves and join in the conversation.

            Tess informs the party that they are being pursued by Seekers and are looking to keep a low profile and get out of town. Ethan suggests that they make for the airship docks to potentially leave town and return to his home. Filigree offers them information about Remhard, the Skypirate. The group initially agrees to find the airship route and possibly help-out with the pirate issue before turning for the night. The party, Filigree, and the barkeep all agree to not share information about each other.

            The next morning, Tandor, a Seeker of The Gilded arrives at the tavern and begins questioning the barkeep about their presence. Tess recognizes this as one of the Seekers that had she had encountered previously. In a fit of rage Tess launches into an attack against him. The party joins her the fight, however Tandor narrowly escapes. The battle caught the attention of the town guard that was being led by a man named Curtis. After some bribery, the guards leave let them go. Gaiel magically repairs the damage caused by the battle and Tess gives the barkeep some gold to cover the trauma of the encounter. Filigree offers the party information about a man named Marv who could help them find a safe way out of the city. After the ruckus, they have caused they decide to see Marv.

            Marv, an older man of poor health, allows them in after Orkzim agrees to repay the debt that Filigree owes him. Marv is in possession of a large “crystal ball” (to which Gaiel becomes very interested in) in which he uses, at Charlotte’s request, to attempt to locate her mother. Upon using this crystal ball Tess notices that his eyes turn black while scrying, leaving behind some small black specks. He could determine that Charlotte’s mother was not within one-thousand miles of their current location.

            Marv then began to search for a way out of the city for the party. When he began casting the spell black ichor began to cover his eyes and it appeared to move with a will of its own. The ichor began to drip from his eyes and appeared to be acidic. His eyes turned black and he began to speak;

            Mountains crash from the skies.

            He will come, we will all serve him.

            Shadowed heralds.

            He comes.

            He comes from the void.

            The god slayer comes.

            Marv collapses with a strange black smoke and ichor. Tess rushes over to stabilizes him with her magic, in the process she inhaled some of the black smoke. During the commotion Orkziv regained the gold that he gave to Marv to pay for Filigree’s debt.

            In the back of Tess’ mind a whisper begins to tell her;

            “Visit the dig site. Convince them to go to the ruin. Destiny awaits. Bring me to him. Kill the monk.”

            Tess, having endured the recent emotional trauma of losing her friend and then failing to avenge him, gives in to the voice and convinces the party to go to the dig site.


Agora- The Grand Imperium – Ancient Dig Site

            While on the road towards the dig site the party encounters a guard patrol that tells them how to get to the dig site, but also informs them that there is a long list of people trying to get to study.

            As the party nears the dig site they encounter a young man who introduces himself as Stan, short for Stanton, as a student from the Northrum College. The group asks him if he can get them inside. He tells them that he can offer their services to his professor which will allow them access to the dig site. He tells them that they found a large door that might be of interest to the Keepers of the World Tree.

            Upon arrive the party meets Prof. Rumpf a gnome who oversees the Northrum College’s excavation team. She shows the party the door in which Stan had told them about. The party converses with the professor about the door. During this time Tess and Gaiel both touch the door and are overcome by the sound of thousands of screams.

            Ethan seems to see the door differently than the others, instead of jet black he sees the door as white.

            Tess asks Rumpf about the presence of a monk. The professor says that there are no monks at the dig site but does tell her about a symbol on the door what looks like a triangle smashing into a circle. The symbol references a balance like the word “monk,” worshipers, cultists. It also means: where gods do not tread. Gaiel informs Tess through a message that the gods fear this place. The monk is in the center of the world.

            Tess walks back up to the door and touches it. A vision pierces her mind, her senses are overwhelmed by the screams and the symbol changes from an upside-down triangle crashing into a circle, into an image of a mountain crashing into the world. The rest of the party see the same black ichor dripping from Tess’ hand and then she falls back away from the door. She shares this vision with the professor, who vigorously records the information.

            Rumpf tells the party about the rival college team across the way who is trying to “make a find” before them. She tells them that they stole a bunch of small discs from her.  Tess storms off toward the rival camp, with Gaiel in tow close behind her. With a bit of convincing Tess and Gaiel can talk to the professor who is leading this operation, a Professor Thornton. They find him applying oil to one of the small discs that Tess suspects once belonged to Rumpf. They share some information with each other, and while the professor is distracted by the conversation with Tess, Gaiel manages to pilfer one of the discs.

            Meanwhile, Charlotte sneaks her way into the rival camp and finds a small tent and goes inside and attempts to open a footlocker but triggers a trap and a cage surrounds the tent and Charlotte is trapped. She manages to talk her way out of the situation and returns to the door with the rest of the party.

            Tess and Gaiel return the disc to Prof. Rumpf who excitedly begins inspecting it. Tess informs her that the other professor had applied some sort of oil to it, which revealed many runes that were previously not visible.

            Tess immediately walked up to the door and pushed it open, and then with the spell Thaumaturgy caused the door to slam open. The entire area was overcome by the screams of a thousand voices. Professor Rumpf used one of her scrolls of Silence to silence the area of the screams. Tess stepped through the door. She saw an unnaturally flat single path that appeared to go on forever. On either side of the path was an endless nothing. In the back of her mind Tess can hear voices compelling her to jump into the abyss, she can resist it and decides to go back through the door. With another cast of Thaumaturgy and a witty one-liner Tess slams the door closed, and then walks over and sits against the wall to reflect on what she saw.

            The party notice a strange gnome staring right at Tess and mumbling to himself. They approached him and he begun mumbling something about someone called Charisma. They notice a large ring on his finger. He introduces himself as Theo Frastis, and mumbles a lot of what seems like nonsense. Tess notices him staring at her and charges over to confront him. Charlotte attempts to snag the ring and fails. He mumbles something about always wanting to be a woman. Suddenly the ring disappears from the gnome’s finger and appears on Charlotte’s. Charlotte then says,

            I have done my part, now O’Kenna needs to do his

            Tess attempts to smash the ring and is repelled. Soon after the nonsensical mumbling Charlotte appears to have returned to normal.












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