The Shattered Spectrum: Fragments

Session 7

Current Party Status

            Party 1: Orkzim, Gaiel/Fah-Ren (unconscious), Melfiso

                        NPCs: Rumpf, Cliah, Antioch

            Party 2: Charlie, Ethan, Tess


            The party is split, some of them are trapped within the conflux currently being threatened by Dhat-Badan, who is confused and angered by the sudden outbreak of darkness within his conflux. The other part of the party has escaped the conflux and is now stuck on the outside looking in.

            Dhat-Badan, who was briefly occupied by Fah-Ren’s spirit, is unsure what would happen should the corrupted Orkzim be slain within the bound of the conflux and ultimately decides that it would be better to “escort” them out and ensure they do not re-enter.

            Meanwhile outside of the conflux Tess begins receiving messages in her head from O’Kenna. He is worried that the party has not made any progress on uniting the world against the coming darkness and says some things that lead Tess is begin to distrust him. Tess, who also knows of the spell being used to send these messages, determines that O’Kenna has left The Ways and is now on their plane of existence. In his final message to her he states that “They are here, and he has said he will provide aid.”

            The party is reunited and promptly sealed out of the conflux. Cliah is disturbed as he has become corrupted during the conflict with the Darklings. He and Melfiso attempt to sneak away to “do what must be done” only to be stopped by Charlie who convinces Cliah to stay with them and see their current quest to its completion. He agrees under the condition that as soon as his mind is not his own Melfiso is to kill him immediately. Rumpf shares with them that she has an idea of a sort of a machine that she may be able to design that could potentially purify the corruption, she appears to be rather confident that it will work but states that she will need to return to the Imperium to construct it.

            The party gathers themselves and begins their journey back to Obril with hopes that the village is still standing. During the journey, Charlie notices a sort of black ash that appears to be coating the ground and foliage. The trek back to the village is uneventful and they use the time to synthesize the antidote they will need to cure the villagers. Tess regains her voice as the effects of her own spell wear off.

            The party is relieved to see that Obril is still standing, however there have been a lot of casualties. They are greeting by Captain Anderson and Captain Norton who give them the report on what is happening. When the poisoned people die they immediately become undead zombies. They have been burning people who are about to die on the pyre to prevent them from turning.  They are led to the triage and Tess and Ethan heal some of the people who wouldn’t survive long enough for the antidote to take effect.

            Tess sees the young girl, Miranda, that she healed before leaving for the conflux. She is helping where she can. Captain Anderson tells Tess that Miranda watched both of her parents succumb to the poison and put to the pyre. Her father told him she has an uncle in the Imperium a man named, Bernard Graball, and that she should be taken to him.  Tess agrees to take her there. The antidote is given to all the survivors, and Tess uses what’s left of her magic to purify as much food and water as she can. The party are also introduced to a lizard folk who has been helping the village, much to distain of Captain Norton though he can somewhat put his bigotry aside. They learn that his name is Vaz.

            It is decided that Obril is lost and the survivors decide that it should be burned. The surviving villagers have all made their own plans, but everyone decides that Ethril is their next destination. That night the party gathers together to discuss their plans. They decide that they will continue to Ethril to meet Ethan’s family and then they will figure out where to go from there. Tess looks in on Gaiel who hasn’t regained consciousness despite Tess’ healing. Tess is worried but isn’t able to figure out what is wrong and forces herself to focus on the task at hand. Orkzim tells them about there being some other being living within Gaiel, but exactly what it is remains a mystery.

            Rumpf shares a theory with the party. She believes that The Cult of the Black Eye may be attacking paladins and clerics to weaken the gods, since gods are manifestations of their believers, so if the god’s followers and devotees are eliminated then the god’s influence and power will diminish.

            The next morning the caravan is assembled and Obril is burned and they set off for Ethril.

<u>Caravan (Obril survivors)</u>

Captain Norton and 5 Imperium Soldiers

Captain Anderson and 1 Obril Town Guard Soldier

1 of Professor Rumpf’s Students

61 Villagers

Charlie, Ethan, Orkzim, Melfiso, Gaiel/Fah-Ren (unconscious), Tess, Vaz

            Party NPCs: Cliah, Antioch, Rumpf, Miranda


            The caravan travels uneventfully for the first day of travel. The party receives some more information from Norton about the looming war. Dwarven raiding parties have been attacking elven traveling parties and small encampments.

Tess and Miranda spend a lot of time together flying around on the giant eagle. The second day of travel Tess spots a looming ambush ahead of them and a party of dwarves attempting to flank the caravan.

The caravan is immediately stopped and the wagons are circled and the soldiers adopt a defensive position around it. The party charges head long toward the flanking dwarves who are completely surprised by the party’s attack. The party immediately gains the upper hand and is able is easily dispatch many the dwarves. Charlie notices that the ground has begun to shake, she calls this out to the party. Tess takes to the air on her eagle to gain a better perspective on the battle and to see what might be coming. Suddenly a large metal plated creature bursts forth from the ground and joins the fray. The dwarves appear to momentarily gain a morale boost at the presence of their trained Bullette, however the party’s tactics prove to be too much and the remaining dwarves are crushed and the Bullette flees after nearly falling.

The other party of dwarven ambush arrives just in time to see the Bullette flee and the rest of their group dead, and small force of Imperium solders, they flee wanting nothing more to do with the party or the caravan.

The rest of the trip to Ethril is uneventful. Orkzim and Antioch decide that is would be best if they remain outside of the city due to the current tensions between the elves and dwarves. Antioch tells the party to meet a man named D’sh at The Blooming Crouch tavern, he apparently owes Antioch a favor.

The party is now in Ethril and has a couple of days to catch their breath and handle any business they need to.


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